Interdisciplinary excellence


Newton Halewood offers flexible support for one-off projects and ongoing activities, in companies, academic institutions, social enterprises, non-profit organisations and informal projects. We specialise in cross-disciplinary work related to internet technologies, connecting people with different backgrounds and skills, and working together to get the right stuff done.


Innovation and product development


Newton Halewood can help you plan and build technology products and solutions, and design and develop your strategy and organisation.  We can manage specific projects, design and facilitate workshops for your team to achieve organisational goals, or coach individuals through technology strategy development and product design. 

We can help individuals and teams identify, explore and solve problems, evaluate and balance risks and opportunities, and keep things moving in a positive direction.

Our skills are drawn from varied experience in technology operations and development in higher education, R&D divisions, and startups (both for- and non-profit). Newton Halewood specialise in cross-disciplinary activities. Developing practical and realistic products and services which deliver business objectives as well as strong human-centric design is a speciality.

Enabling diverse teams

productive and creative groups and communities 

Newton Halewood can help you deliver successful products and projects, by bringing together and enabling groups of specialists with very different backgrounds and skills to work well together. We specialise in building and coordinating teams within many kinds of organisation, and enabling them to work together creatively, effectively and efficiently. 

We have extensive experience in finding and implementing the best tools and ways of working to enable groups to get the right things done, including distributed and remote teams and collaborations.

Newton Halewood can also create clear, well written documents to help people understand things and each other, including working with highly technical material. This includes technical documentation and user guides, engaging blog posts, and clear grant applications.



Scaling and managing change

advice and HANDS-ON HELP

It can be challenging to grow your organisation and evolve structures and processes whilst keeping working effectively and maintaining morale.  It can be tough to decide whether to change strategic direction and how much to involve your team in the decisions, and to lead through times of change. Newton Halewood can help you with advice and mentoring, interim general and technical management, and project management support.  We offer a high quality service, being productive in new fields and situations exceptionally quickly, without treading on toes. 

Newton Halewood has extensive experience in developing project plans, grant applications and proposals, including for international collaborations and partnerships. We can help pull together diverse stakeholders to develop a coherent vision, and articulate this effectively in formal and informal proposals and pitches.

Newton Halewood offers flexible and agile consultancy, and we can support you to figure out your next steps, even if you aren't sure where to start.  Get in touch and we can help you think through problems, identify opportunities and find the best way forward.  

We have strong experience in diverse fields including: connected home, Internet of Things, open data and open source, remote manufacturing, distributed energy systems, user research and human-centric design, conversational interfaces, collaborative learning and research tools.  If you are looking for support in other domains, that's great - we are experts at transferring skills and know-how to new areas, and learning quickly.

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